North Star Notary

I am attempting to provide information for Notaries and Notary Signing Agents(NSA) to facilitate their business.  In this line, I am also listing software that I use to further my business and any NSA may find useful.

(as I find more useful software I will be adding them to this list)

  • Notary Gadget  The best solution for keeping track of signings, income, expenses, tax info, mileage, etc  The “CPA” report really helps for tax time too.
  • Page Separator   Sometimes when we start out we don’t have a dual tray printer, because they are expensive.  So here is a product that will allow you to separate out the legal size from the letter size and all you have to do is change paper to print it all on the correct size paper. Neat, eh?
  • Boom Bot Rex – A great bluetooth speaker at a reasonable price.
  • Official Notary Journal – App for either IOS or Android to eliminate the need for paper journals in most states.
  • Notary Rotary – A great website to list your profile in order to get jobs. I love this site and get a lot of work from them.